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Land Clearing

When a chainsaw is just not enough! Your new parcel delivery sorting center is being built and 40 acres needs clearing quickly! Call Terry Tree Service!

When an additional Air strip needs to be cleared and operational in 3 months! Call Terry Tree Service!

When another Olympic Village needs to be cleared for immediate construction! Call Terry Tree Service!

When another hilltop wind farm needs to be cleared for! Call Terry Tree Service!

Yes Terry Tree Service is that company that has been involved in the clearing of land for all the above projects.

There is also a full array of horizontal grinders, tracked chippers, wood chippers, skidders, forwarders, swamp mats, mechanized feller bunchers and more than 1000 pieces of equipment and tools to ensure a speedy land clearing operation.

Terry Tree was recently hired to take down more than 42,000 trees in San Andreas California after the terrible wildfires of 2015. Over 175 tree fellers and an army of tracked chippers took care of the business.

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