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Terry Tree Service South LLC, Disaster Response and Recovery Service

Our rapid response and mobilization to disaster relief in the last decade has resulted in being awarded numerous contracts nationwide for storm and disaster clean-up. TTS South, along with our subcontractors, have put together an organization that can mobilize hundreds of workers and all types of heavy equipment. We can assist with clearing roads, right of ways and getting the country back on its feet within 48 hours.


As a manager of operations bringing in the big equipment, we have continued to prove we provide the best, the quickest, the most qualified and the safest Disaster Response Teams year after year. We can do this and still remain competitive. Our managers are trained in both FEMA 325 and EM 385-1-1.

While nobody wants to be caught up in a natural disaster, it is comforting to know that Terry Tree Service South is only a telephone call away.


We were there...

  • 2015 Texas flood clean up
  • 2015 San Andreas wild fire clean up with 200 workers for 5 months
  • 2014 November, Buffalo, NY Snow Storm we are present with 30 crews
  • 2014 February 11-17, North American winter storm          
    • Cleanup in multiple states with 45 subcontractor firms
  • 2012 Super Storm Sandy
    • Parks and Rec City trees, NYC
    • Nassau County, Highways and DOT hauling
    • Suffolk County USACOE
    • Edison, New Jersey, USACOE
  • 2011 Tropical Storm IRENE
    • Plattsburg, NY
    • NY City Parks & Recreation
    • Albany, NY
    • Cities of Norfolk & Portsmouth, Virginia
  • 2011 JOPLIN, MO EF5 Tornado w/ 225 subcontractors
  • 2011 TUSCALOOSA, AL, EF5 Tornado w/ 125 subcontractors
  • 2010 NYC TORNADOS w/ 40 subcontractors
  • 2008 Hurricane IKE
  • 2006 FRIDAY 13TH Snowstorm BUFFALO, NY, w/ 400 subcontractors
  • 2006-2008 LEVEE DEBRIS REMOVAL, Plaquemines Parish LA. clay hauling
  • 2005 Hurricane WILMA
  • 2005 Hurricane RITA
  • 2005-2008 Hurricane KATRINA w/ 400 contractors
  • 2004 Hurricane CHARLIE
  • 2004 Hurricane IVAN

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