Our History - The Terry Family Tradition

First Tree

Thomas Terry I circa 1939
Thomas Terry I circa 1939

1938 - Thomas Terry Sr.

Thomas Terry Sr. started Terry Tree Service in Rochester, NY in 1938 in the post-Depression era.  Tom knew his customers wanted good quality work for their hard-earned dollars and that's what he supplied.  From residential to commercial tree pruning, removal, planting - you name it - Tom's goal was to provide the services people needed.  Tom initiated contracting for the local City of Rochester electric utility, which is a service that continues to this day, two generations later.

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1971 - Thomas ‘Duke’ Terry II


Duke, as he was affectionately known, entered his father’s tree business like a whirlwind. To fill the requirements of electric companies looking for expert tree service to maintain their assets, Duke acquired a small company with seven employees and grew it to a formidable force of thousands of tree workers.  Eventually, combining with Tom's existing company, the Terry family created one of the largest tree companies in the United States.

Thomas ‘Duke’ Terry II circa 1971

Thomas ‘Duke’ Terry II circa 1971

Thomas ‘Tommy’ Terry III (right) Timothy Pope (left)

Thomas ‘Tommy’ Terry III (right)
Timothy Pope (left)

1995-Present Day Thomas ‘Tommy’ Terry III and Timothy Pope


Tommy and Tim were Duke's right-hand men until 1995 when they became business partners, purchasing the company.  Terry Tree Service has since grown exponentially, offering an ever-expanding list of services.  We've been listed on Rochester Business Journal's Top 100 Fastest-Growing Business list on numerous occasions, reaching the #1 spot in 2013-14.